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I'm about transparency, being open and action. Check out my current, spelled out plans for Red Bluff, and general goals.

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Now more than ever, your voice matters. Maybe you don't vote for presidents? But that shouldn't stop you from voting local.


I do accept donations to help pay for signs, ads, events etc. Donating helps a lot, but so does sharing my posts and pages!


We need to show our businesses, our tradesman, our citizens. We will come together & it'll be amazing.

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Take a stand for Red Bluff

For too long we’ve been forced to neglect the problems in our community. It’s time to take back our parks, our rivers and our community. We can come together and make Red Bluff a truly great place to live!

Fight For Your Right!

Ordinary People
Do extraordinary things


I fight for total transparency. Everyone should have a voice, and our leaders should be doing what the people want.

Social Care

We know about the homeless problems. We know about the drug addictions. We know about the children not in school. We know about the violence. It's past time we act. We have real solutions, it's time for change.

Justice for All

No one should have to fight for their business, the safety of their family, or their ability to earn a good living.

We don't want a hand out. We want a good city, and even better people helping, not hurting us.