• New Housing

Public Safety

Right now we have 5 HUGE problems.

The Problem

  1.  Children are aggressively targeted for trafficking, sex, and drug use.
  2. Criminals have a lot of places to gather
  3. Graffiti & Vandalism
  4. People walk around committing crimes & disrupting everyone while high on Meth & Heroin.
  5. Fire. Everything is always on Fire.

The Solution

  1. Keep predators away from minors. Aggressively register predators. The CHILD Act takes care of this.
  2. Eliminate “trap/flop” houses. Give the public back their space. Abandoned Property fixes this.
  3. Take care of the space we have now. Reduce Crime. Give people legal outlets and things to do. Abandoned Property fixes this.
  4. Begin treating these people the same way we would treat a DUI. Sober them, fine them, educate them.
  5. Graze it. Burn it. Log it. We just need to manage it well.

The Action

The CHILD Act is simple safety. I cant tell you how many times I, or my friends were harassed by aggressive predators in school. Enough is enough. CHILD Act Full Text

Many corporations buy our land, and let it be destroyed, trashed, burned and forgotten. This is our community. We deserve better. We are not some billionaire’s tax haven.

With this Law, they will have to maintain their property, or give it up. Abandoned Property Full Text

At least once per outing most people deal with being harassed, threatened, or witnessing this. Most of the time it’s by very high people. Our Police Department will change their policy and begin picking these people up and treating them appropriately.

This is a common law most cities have. It says if you have business space, use it. Because we know that empty space is bad. Leaving it empty for years on purpose, which is what happens in Red Bluff is very bad. A simple law making it expensive for people to leave commercial buildings abandoned. Vacancy Tax Full Text

Each year we’re covered in smoke and evacuating. Each year we could prevent it. Simple grazing from farm animals stops fires from spreading and lets firefighters put it out, BEFORE its a national story. We have cheap, easy options. Abandoned property laws do help this, but we need more. It’s time we manage our land like we all know we should. We will graze, burn and log as needed every year.

Housing! Where is it?

The Problem

  1. Existing Rental Homes are damaged, often cockroach infested, and aren’t up to code.
  2. Contractors don’t build new homes here.

The Solution

  1. Enforce our existing building codes on Slum Lords & use State Law to force Slum Lords to provide legal, habitable homes. The SLUM Act covers this.
  2.  Invite them! When they try to build, help them through the process, don’t show them out of date systems. Don’t ignore their calls. Don’t make their job harder.

The Action

This enforces current state laws. No-one should be forced to live in cockroaches, mold, and broken sewer lines. It isn’t right. It isn’t legal. SLUM Act Full Text

Right now the City dpeartments are slow to respond, don’t provide real online access, and are unclear on needed forms and fee’s. We need to be accessible & helpful. They leave because we are not good hosts.

The Economy

The Problem

  1.  I don’t know how to start my business.
  2. Citizens stuck in poverty.

The Solution

  1. We can use existing state programs & Grants. There are a TON. We have hundred of options to choose from to help people start businesses, expand businesses and grow. This is fixed by Grant Writing. 
  2.  Bringing new businesses, and helping people find trades is huge. These to goals alone will bring everyone new opportunity, and good jobs. This is fixed by Economic Policy.

The Action

Right now, we don’t have anyone whose job is to help our businesses and people. We have people who hand things out. We have almost noone that lets people earn hand ups. Grant writers are cheap and help us get millions of dollars to help our citizens and businesses start their new journey.

This can’t be sugar coated. People are hungry, they’re tired, they’re constantly crime victims. The solution isn’t easy. But it is doable.

With new housing, new businesses, trade training & a connected community; we will have better jobs, better homes, and we can earn what we want.

This law legalizes the cannabis industry. Legal Cannabis offers hundreds of high quality jobs. Millions of dollars in grants. Hundreds of opportunities. 100’s of thousands in tax revenue. It’s past time. CANA Act Full Text

The Roads

The Problem

  1.  The roads are trashed. They bend rims. They trip you. They would almost be better off dirt.
  2. The Sidewalks. What Sidewalks? If they’re actually their, they aren’t safe and accessible.
  3. Biking

The Solution

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR). That’s it, we need public walkways and roads.
We can’t expect businesses, contractors and citizens to like Red Bluff if we don’t have easy ways to get around. 

The Action

Right now, we don’t have anyone that knows how to repave. 

 FDR is a technology that paves roads for less than 1/2 of normal costs. With some easy shifts in our government we can pave Red Bluff with good sidewalks and bike lanes within 2 years.

Our Community

The Problem

  1. We don’t have many events.
  2. Youth have nowhere safe to hang out.
  3. Adults have nowhere safe to hang out
  4. Drug addicts have little options to get clean.
  5. Who supports someone for serious crimes like assault, rape, or other trauma?

The Solution

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan! We have an amazing culture and even more amazing people. We just need to let them loose and give them a reason to have fun.
  2. This is complex. But completely fixable. We need teen centers, more youth sports, rec areas, and CLEAN areas free of meth, heroine and violence.
  3. The same as 3, totally doable!
  4. We need to encourage their journey to being a good citizen again. Recovery is nothing to be ashamed about! Be proud, your clean!
  5. We need to get real teams, working together for the County & City. Too many people become victims to things out of their control. Many don’t know what to do or how to cope.

The Action

We’ll take down event barriers. Permits? Easy to get. Advertising? Everyone will help. Funding? There’s already programs for that! We need to get teams all helping and working together. This costs us nearly nothing.

A huge piece of this is helped with the Abandoned Property and Vacancy Tax laws. People need somewhere safe to be themselves, meet friends and have a good time. We have to take back our fishing, swimming, and business locations. I am personally launching clean up campaigns now.

Vacancy tax & Abandoned Property Full Text


The #1 predictor of drug use? A sense of community & support. Every Single Time. We need to connect as a town.

Just as important, we can easily offer amazing groups like NA & AA space to meet, host events and build resources & connections. 

This is not a drug problem. Teachers, lawyers, tradesmen, business owners. Recovering addicts can be found in all of them. Helping them recover and be themselves is as simple as letting them follow their steps and maybe helping them coordinate.

Any serious crime is terrifying. Your left shaken, confused, and often depressed, manic, violent, or lost. Together we will build a network of responders, group counseling and communities to help those that were wronged in the worst ways.

Many amazing people already do this, but with just a little help from our City, they can do so much more, and help so many more people. We can PREVENT addiction, violence, job loss and more just by being there for them.

The Government

The Problem

  1. Overspending, Where does our money go?
  2. No Transparency, who is voting for what? Why don’t we know?
  3. Little Independence, why does everyone blame the State or the County? Aren’t we our own City?

The Solution

  1. We need a budget that works, contracts that are fair prices. and revenue that’s reliable. All of these things can be fixed immediately.
  2. Our current system breaks a huge list of laws. We need systems that make it easy for people to see what’s going on, and who decided that.
  3. We can be independent. As a city, we don’t have to follow the county, or the state. Only for the big stuff. The county and the State don’t order us to do anything; our City administration chooses to not offer new ideas.

The Action

We spend a lot of money overpaying for products and services by extreme amounts. All of these contracts will be renegotiated immediately. The City has no money. They have OUR money and they owe it to our town to use it wisely.

Lets stop taking the short stick.

This law guarantees every citizen can be heard, has access to public documents and that no-one has anything to hide. It makes it easy to address anyone breaking government laws and ensure they HEAR us. HEAR Act Full Text

Our current administrators prefer we follow. We follow the county & we pick and choose what to follow from the state.

This isn’t right, we need new ideas to grow. We are our own people and deserve a little freedom to choose.

Regardless of how you feel about California, their laws give us the power to be independent. We just have to want it.