Republican or Democrat?

I intentionally choose not to tell people this. Why? It doesn’t matter, not really. I find most people aren’t 100% on board with their party anyways. Like you, I don’t agree with EVERYTHING anyone says, especially a politician.

Right now, I dont think that’s important. What’s important is people working together, regardless of their political parties, backgrounds, or other things and working to rebuild our once great community.

Here's some things I support, and you can decide.

Unions – Living wages and workers rights? Absolutely. Every single time. The alternative is people starving and deadly work conditions. Think differently? Tell me how working was in 1920.

Gun Rights – Absolutely, I love shooting. Why you have your weapon is none of my business as long as your safe.

Back the Blue? – Absolutely. I support the police in almost every circumstance. But you should know, our Community Service Officers is the definition of de-funding the police.

Cannabis for Adults – Of course. If you can choose a beer, you can choose a joint. There’s far too many people with legitimate need for me to ever oppose it.


Education & Experience

I have 2 degrees in Psychology & Sociology.

I currently own 3 companies. My consulting firm works with governments and companies to lower costs & make things simpler. My cannabis dispensary & community service company find & manage money to invest in communities.

I’ve been working nearly full time for most of my life. From about 13 on I did landscaping, construction, and property clearing. It was great work, I found contracts, got paid okay for being 13. I also learned too many skills to count and got to spend every day outside.

After 18, I worked briefly in retail before getting a full time job doing furniture assembly, delivery, and sales at a local store. I learned many more skills, built great strength, and learned from community leaders.

Since then, I’ve worked in sales, often in telecommunications. I worked with the public and businesses to help lives run a little smoother.

After leaving this work behind I began working for myself and chasing my dreams of independence and flexibility.

Community Service

I generally join every community service event that I can. I currently Work for California Youth Connections; we improve Conditions for Foster Youth and all youth in general. I get to work with schools and the Department of Education to directly improve processes. Together we help students, teachers, and staff find success. We also write laws, lobby the state, and change local policies.

Right now there are several projects I’m working on

  • Cleaning the trash from public areas, private fields and literally every part of town so everyone can use it safely.
  • Helping fully fund the Red Bluff Splash Park
  • Increasing Rec areas, like volleyball, paintball and more 
  •  Clearing trash and camps so citizens can enjoy the River

Personal Life

Honestly, I struggle with working too much and too often. So recently I don’t have nearly as much time as I want for fun. Seeing everything I do, knowing how many people are struggling and knowing their are easy solutions keeps me really busy.

However, I love the outdoors. If you can swim in it, I’ll probably be there. If you can fish in it, you’ll probably see me there, usually carrying an empty bucket home. I’m a big fan of  shooting, archery, simple hikes and plant gathering. If there’s a garden nearby, that’s where I’ll be.

I’ve got plenty of hobbies from rebuilding engines to video games, but given the choice, something outside usually comes first. Always Work hard and Play harder!